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Brag Page

We love to brag about the accomplishments of our skaters and club volunteers,

whether at the rink or in our Community.

If you have a skater or volunteer that needs to be bragged about, se​nd us their name and what amazing thing they did and we will do our best to brag for you!

Way to go!!!

Congratulations to our Award Winners this Year!

Power Skating Volunteer of the Year

Tucker Ysaebart

Programme Assistant of the Year

Stella L.

Cal Kennedy Outstanding Citizenship of the Year

Addisson Gignac

Howard LaPier Memorial Adult Volunteer of the Year

Sharon LaPier

Test Passed Session 3 

Thomas Gignac - STAR 1 dance

Shaye Torraville - STAR 4 program

CanSkate stage 1 -

Macy Bowen

Dax Bowling

Chuck Cunningham

Matthew Cunningham

Jossalyn Gray

Delilah Gray

Lyla Kachler

Jacob Kachler

Reece McCormick

Jace McLaughlin

Addison Nottley

Lennan Plain

Isla Rau

Aubrey Soules

Mia Speed

Cayden Ware

CanSkate stage 2 -

Sydney Bezaire

Lucy Bowen

Jordan Edwards

Abigail Fleming

Maggie Girling

Cian Kipp

Clair McGillivary

Oliver Nakasuji

CanSkate stage 3 -

Zane Bowling

Natalie Fleming

Alexis McEachren

Emily McEachren

CanSkate stage 4 -

Claire Rau

Syndey Van Horne - SIlver Element at

Skating Competition in Point Edward - Way To Go!

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