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Congratulations to our Professional staff and Skaters for helping us to achieve a CanSkate Club of Excellence by Skate Canada.

Cancellation Dates

Feb 23 Tournament Date

March 11 thru 15th March Break

Good Friday March 29th

Ice Texture

Cash Calendars Winners!

Thank you to all those who purchased a calendar.


Cash Calendar Winners to date.

Jaime Beauchamp 006

Janet Smith 358

Brittany Walsh 249

Ashley Nottley 201

Shanee Hiller 349

Bonnie Lumley 221

Laura Atwater 111

McKenzie Turner 128

Andrew Vandersteen 233

Sean Poland 126

Doug Peachey 094

Bonnie Lumley 221

Janice Gibb 114

James Salisbury 318

Dan Austin 062

 DJ Huston  154 
Carol MacPherson  374 
Kelly Morritt  096 

Ruth Ann Piggott  365 
Alice Mae Sutherland 400 
Ashley LaBelle 383 

Karen Bruton 077

Mary Ann McLauchlin 188

Robyn VanKessel 002

Mary Lou McKellar 072

Mike Tremain 394

Allan MacDonland 165

Jeanne Pretty 364

Bring your id to LaPier's Flowers,

437 Lyndoch St (9 till 5:30 pm)

to pick up your cash prize.


Welcome to the 

Moore Skating Club

Celebration the Love of Skating for over 50 Years!

Skate, Learn and Have Fun! 

Located in Mooretown, Ontario

 Registration for the Summer Power Program 

Start date July 15th - Aug 31

Monday - Thursday

Sessions begin at 4 pm.

Schedule and registration will open soon.

Please stay tuned.

Please click the following


Add your participants information and select your program.




Want to Earn Free Ice for your Skater?

Parents, Grandparents and Family of our CanSkate, STARskate and Figure Skaters. We are looking for volunteers to assist us with our Bingos.

Bingos, help keep the price of ice time low for everyone, but we can't do it without volunteers.

If you are able to offer a couple of hours of your time, once every few months please contact us. These volunteers will earn Ice credits at each Bingo towards their skaters future ice time.

Bingo Volunteers needed


Interested? Contact Us

As one of our leading fundraisers the SCGA and Bingo Country are pleased to announce the launch of their new website.

Please check it out and thank you for your continued support of all the SCGA local charities.

Notice: Judge reminder

Here is a reminder - if you are a judge or official who would like to register with the Moore Skating Club, please notify the club of your intentions for the upcoming 2024/25 season. 


Happy Skating :) 

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