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Power Skating is an essential part of any hockey players schedule. This allows for strength and agility training in a fun environment. Each skater will learn, grown and move up levels as they are ready.

Power Skating 

Fall Sessions

Most Sessions begin Sept 11th/23

Power Skating Schedule - 2023/2024


4:10-5:00 High School

5:00-5:50 U9

7:30-8:20 U13 (Begins Sept 18th)


4:30-5:20 U8

5:30 - 6:20 U11


4:00-4:45 U7

4:45- 5:50 U10

Fall Power Session Registration is now open.


Please click the following



Hockey Player's Outfits

Power Equipment

Power skating equipment is full hockey gear and a hockey stick. Here is a list of the items required * and most often used.

Hockey Helmet*

Hockey cage or visor*

Neck guard *

Shoulder pads*

Elbow pads*

Hockey pants*

Athletic Supporter (Jock or Jill) *

Shin guards *

Hockey jersey

Hockey socks

Hockey gloves*

Mouth guard *

Hockey stick*

Hockey skates*

Skate guards

Hockey bag

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